Air Travel and Families - what precautions to take

There is nothing more exciting than travelling with your family on an aircraft. Of course, you are going to want to make sure that you take a couple of precautions. This will guarantee a fun trip for everybody involved.
First and foremost, if you can, book your seats in advance. There are a number of airlines out there nowadays which seem to have an almost completely random system for assigning seat numbers. This means that you will not always be seated next to your family. If you book in advance (and you may have to pay extra for this in some cases) then you will be seated next to them. For older families this may not matter so much. For those with young children in tow however it will be ridiculously handy.
Secondly, make sure you ALL stick together at the airport. Do everything together. The vast majority of airports are massive places and it can be very easy to lose sight of your child.
I suggest that you always purchase ‘motion sickness’ pills when you fly. You most likely will not need them. However some children out there (and adults for that matter) do suffer from rather severe travel sickness from time to time and this will help.
On some flights you will need to walk outside in order to reach the plane. Make sure you hold your child’s hand every single step of the way because this can be quite dangerous if you are not careful. In addition to this you are going to want to ensure that you sit them down on the plane as quickly as possible. People will be rushing up and down that aircraft during the seating procedure and of course there will be some rather heavy bags flying everywhere. This is NOT going to be ideal for children to get in the way.