Air Travel and Pregnancy

If you are pregnant then it should be fine for you to travel. However, it is worth noting that a number of airlines have limits in place with regards to how far along in your pregnancy you are still allowed to travel. Obviously this is to cover their backs as I am sure that the cabin crew really do not fancy carrying out a birth on the plane. It is worth finding out the limits from the airline that you are traveling on. If you booked the flight before you got pregnant then they may be able to reschedule.
If you are travelling overseas whilst pregnant (and whilst you are not pregnant for that matter), you should always make sure that you have medical insurance in place. Hopefully nothing is going to go wrong with you whilst you are away. However, there is nothing worse than having to foot a large medical bill in a foreign country. It can really sap the enjoyment out of your vacation.
On the plane you should make sure that you are as comfortable as possible. This means bringing a small travel pillow. You may also wish to bring a blanket too. The majority of airlines will be able to supply these free of charge to you. When you are flying you should make sure that you get up and walk about the cabin as often as possible. This will counter DVT and will allow you to just….stretch your legs! Try to grab an aisle seat because it is highly likely that you will be rushing to that bathroom every so often and you REALLY do not want to be climbing over people all the time. Even though you are pregnant it is likely that they are still going to get quite annoyed.