Staying Healthy at Sea - 10 Tips

Heading out on a cruise is an absolutely fantastic experience. There is nothing quite like staying in a luxurious cabin whilst meandering through beautiful oceans with stunning tropical paradises within view. This is unlike any other vacation though. You need to learn how to stay healthy at sea otherwise you will have problems.

  1. Bring Medication: This is VITAL. You will obviously be on a boat so supplies are going to be fairly minimal. If you need any medication then make sure you do not leave it behind. This includes painkillers. You will have very little opportunity to purchase some on board….particularly the more obscure of medications.
  2. Travel Insurance: You should ensure that you have insurance just in case something happens. It is unlikely something will but it is always good to have ‘just in case’
  3. Learn How to Deal with Sea Sickness: This is probably one of the biggest complaints whilst traveling on a large ship. No matter how stable it is, people will still get seasick. Thankfully it is quite an easy problem to deal with. There are plenty of guides out there that you can sink your teeth into.
  4. Familiarize Yourself with Medical Contacts on Board: There will be quite a medical team onboard a cruise ship. In fact, many ‘minor operations’ can be made at sea. The cruise ship will nearly always have a medical center you can visit during the day and somebody you can call during emergencies.
  5. Pack a First Aid Kit: This will allow you to quickly deal with any ‘mishaps’
  6. Norovirus: This is quite a common bug on cruise ships and the symptoms can be rather nasty. Try to avoid touching any railings, and wash your hands frequently. It will help. In the event of a norovirus breakout on the ship you will be quarantined.
  7. Shots: You may need some shots if you are travelling to certain locations. It is likely you will be informed of these in advance. It is always worth checking out yourself though…just to be sure!
  8. Common Sense: You should always teach your children a bit of common sense whilst traveling on the ship. This means ensuring that they do not stray too close to the sides of the boat, and of course, nor running!
  9. Had heart complaints before? If you have, make sure you carry a copy of a previous EKG. This will help the doctors when treating you.
  10. Listen to Staff Members: On most cruise ships there will be regular ‘drills’. Listen to the staff members and make sure you follow the proceedings. This way you can be sure you know what you are doing in the rare case that you actually have to deal with an emergency.