The Lodge Resort and Spa (New Mexico)

Those of us who like the mountains and want to spend some good time there have The Lodge Resort to consider for the next holiday. After reading this top 5 things to do in The Lodge Resort and Spa (New Mexico) everyone will want to go there.

The Lodge Resort and Spa

Play some golf
You are most likely thinking already that you can play golf just about anywhere else. However this course with 9 holes is different because it has a traditional Scottish format. How often do you have the chance to try your skills on such a course? The area has 4 other golf courses if you want to try more of them.

Play some lawn games
Playing golf is not enough reason for everyone to want to come here. However when finding out that other games are also available, such as horseshoes, croquet, and volleyball, things change. Ask the staff about other games and their rules.

Attend a workshop
June and July are good months to become more artistic. Your painting skills will be the ones most benefitting from these classes. Children would definitely love this workshop as well, but make sure they’re accepted before joining.

Visit a museum
To visit the museum you have to go in Cloudcroft. This is a history museum where you can buy original toys crafted by local artists. Additionally the Pioneer Village is one of the places to visit especially in September for a Living History Event.

Here is the place to go if you want one of a kind gifts. They can be toys, as mentioned earlier, or beautiful and unique jewelry and clothing. Everything can be a souvenir as everything is made by the artisans living here. These stores can be found on the Burro Avenue, so make sure to ask for directions to get there.