The Palazzo Resort Hotel & Casino (Nevada)

The Palazzo is one of the top rated resorts in Las Vegas. If this is not enough to determine you to book a room here, maybe the next top 5 things to do in The Palazzo Resort Hotel & Casino (Nevada) will.

The Palazzo Resort Hotel & Casino

Swim in the pool on deck
There isn’t just one pool available here, but seven! You can also choose to get in one of the four hot tubs. One of the pools is simply huge, the type you can only find in a resort. All the pools are located outdoors and on the 3rd floor.

Go shopping
Some people dislike walking a lot to spend their money. The Palazzo brings an interesting shopping experience right where you are. There are several gift shops to check out, a pool shop, a newsstand, and yet another store selling cosmetics.

Lots of nightlife for the owl in you
You might want to first stop by the TAO nightclub. If you prefer a different atmosphere you should give a try to one of the several bars and lounges operating here. The Lounge at SUSHISAMBA has the power to make you feel as if you’re in Brazil experiencing its streetlife. Only here nightlife becomes a new type of art.

Go to the casino
You’re in Las Vegas for one of two things: eloping or gambling. The casino at The Palazzo has many table games, many slot machines, and even Poker tournaments. You might not like these games, but don’t leave the resort yet because you’ll surely find your game as well, just ask the staff.

Getting married
Tying the knot in Las Vegas is a dream for many couples. Doing so at The Palazzo will take this special event to the next level. The resort has many dedicated wedding planners that can turn your dream wedding into reality.