Traveling on a Student Budget

If you are a student then it is unlikely you are going to have too much money to play around with when you are traveling around. If you are not a student but are living on a student budget then this article may be useful for you too. Let’s take a little look at how you can save money, shall we?
First and foremost you are going to need to shop around when it comes to your vacation. You will want to use comparison websites to find the best prices on flights and hotels. If you can do it, you should always stay in a hostel as opposed to a proper hotel. You will save a LOT of month (often hostels are 1/20th the price of a full blown hotel, you can stay almost 3 weeks for the price of a couple of nights in a hotel!) you will have to stay with people but hey, at least you are going to be making friends.
When you are traveling you will always want to look for the best and cheapest ways to travel around the local area. More often than not there will be a special transport card that you can use. For example, if you head to Europe you can get a card which will allow you to hop on any train for a highly discounted fee. There is plenty of information online about this.
Finally, learn to shop in the supermarkets. You do not need to eat out every night (this is going to cost you a LOT of money!) instead head to a supermarket and purchase some decent produce. You should be able to whip up a fairly substantial ‘cold’ meal in your hotel room. If you are staying in a hostel then from time to time you may also have a kitchen that you can cook in.