Winter Vacation Travel – where to go and what to do – Top 5 destinations

The extreme cold weather can bring out the worst of us. Thankfully, even if it is cold where you are located, it is hot somewhere else. Let me introduce you to the top 5 winter destinations!

  1. The Alps: Ok, yes, I am kicking off the article with a cold destination. Bear with me here though. Yes, it will be cold in the Alps. However this is without a doubt the best winter destination in the world. When you are on those ski slopes you really will not care about the weather. The sun does come out from time to time too!
  2. Playa del Carmen: I have been to this part of Spain a lot. I have never noticed it get too cold. There is plenty to do here. If you love your drinks then you have a lot of pubs to visit. You have some beaches to catch some rays, and of course, tons of golfing opportunities.
  3. Puerto Rico: This nice little paradise gives you all the benefits of staying in the Caribbean, albeit for a much cheaper price. Plenty of things to do here for both adults and children. Perhaps one of the highlights is exploring the Rio Camuy Cave Park, or simply admiring the wonderful architecture that pepper-pots the area.’
  4. Key West: This is another locale which finds it very difficult to get cold. This place is perfect for those who are after a lot of adventure. Expect warm weather, fishing, and scuba diving galore here. There is also going to be plenty of time to relax as you meander through the various trails!
  5. Banff: This is the ‘ultimate’ winter destination for those who do not wish to spend a lot, don’t mind the cold, and still want a bit of adventure. Banff is located in the Canadian Rockies and boasts more activities than you can shake a stick at. Skiing is the main draw, but there is plenty of hiking throughout the area too.